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Static Electricity Plasma Lamp Sensitive Touch Control 6 Inch/15cm

Static Electricity Plasma Lamp Sensitive Touch Control 6 Inch/15cm

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Illuminate your space with the captivating  Magic Crystal Plasma Ball Touch Lamp. This mesmerizing lamp features a crystal ball filled with swirling electric currents that respond to your touch. With a simple touch, witness the magic as the electric currents gather and follow your fingertips. The plasma ball creates a visually stunning display that is both captivating and relaxing. Perfect for adding a touch of enchantment to any room, this lamp is a unique and stylish addition to your decor. Let the magic come alive with the Novelty Magic Crystal Plasma Ball Touch Lamp.


Specifications Detailed Features
Style Decoration
Color Red 
Product dimensions 6 inches
Type of finish Chrome
Material Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene
Type de lamp Night Light
Kind of bedroom Bedroom, Children's room,Livingroom
Lampshade material crystal, glass
Power supply Electric cable
Voltage AC 220V EU Plug / 120V US Plug 
Product dimensions 15D x 15W x 25H cm

About this article

  • 🌈⚡【Combination of science and art, show your magic light show】The plasma ball perfectly combines science and art, you can present a wonderful interactive cool light show to your family and friends, adding more fun and atmosphere, they must applaud you for this wonderful light show.
  • 🌈⚡【Touch Activated & Sound Control, Quick Sensing and Changing】This magic plasma sphere reacts to your touch, when your finger touches the ball, the light flashes with your finger, and when you move your finger, the beam detects and changes also movement. The plasma ball's electron beams can even respond to sound, spinning and beating rhythmically in unique patterns, creating magical and shocking light shows.
  • 🌈⚡【Science education, get children interested in science】The plasma ball can generate colorful electric currents, dance around the entire transparent glass ball, perfectly show physical science, has no effect on body perfection human and is often used in scientific and artistic exhibition halls. If you have such a fun plasma ball at home, your children will love it and become interested in the physical science involved.
  • 🌈⚡【As a night light, helps you sleep better】 The flash light emitted by the plasma ball can be used as a night light, and the light illuminates the room without dazzling. The sphere is smaller than the base, but more delicate, it can activate oxygen molecules in the air to facilitate its absorption, activate various enzymes in the body, promote metabolism and promote better sleep.
  • Perfect decoration, wide application: the magic changing ball will become an eye-catching landscape, you can place it in bedroom, children's room, party, cafe, bar and restaurant and so on, let it decorate you. The house will bring you and your family a wonderful lighting visual experience.

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